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Nestle’s 60 percent food portfolio unhealthy: Report

The world’s largest food company, Nestle ...

However, the presentation highlights Nestle products such as a DiGiorno three meat croissant crust pizza, which includes about 40 per cent of a person’s recommended daily allowance of sodium, and a Hot Pockets pepperoni pizza that contains 48 per cent, the report said.

Another product, an orange-flavoured San Pellegrino drink, scores an ‘E’ – the worst mark available under a different scoring system Nutri-Score – with more than 7.1 gram of sugar per 100 ml, the presentation says, asking: “Should a health-forward brand carry an E [rating]?”

Separately, Nestle’s strawberry-flavouredNesquik, which is sold in the US, contains 14 gram of sugar in a 14 gram serving, though it is designed to be mixed with milk. It is described as “perfect at breakfast to get kids ready for the day”. Nestle said it “is working on a company-wide project to update its pioneering nutrition and health strategy. We are looking at our entire portfolio across the different phases of people’s lives to ensure our products are helping meet their nutritional needs and supporting a balanced diet”