January 2015 \ Interviews \ Interview—MOIA
"We will use technology for constant dialogue with Pravasi Indians"

Mr Sunil Soni, Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, speaks to India Empire's Editor and Publisher, Sayantan Chakravarty on a range of issues concerning the Indian Diaspora and the PBD 2015

By Sayantan Chakravarty

How are the themes for the plenary sessions developed? What are the main plenary sessions in the forthcoming PBD?

One focus has been on Gandhiji, that has certainly been there. The second focus we have added, lots of interesting themes this time, one is basically Bharat ko jano. People should know the traditions of the country, that is on the Youth PBD side. Second is Bharat ko Mano, that is what India has done now, let us say the mission to Mars, we are doing a lot of things, and people don’t sort of know it. To give that pride of the country, should be able to give this information in a concise form to the people. This is part of the Youth PBD. Main PBD we are adding two sessions, one you mentioned is Soft Power, and the second is even more interesting, recognizing the important Indian diaspora contributors. We have divided them into 8 categories. We this have done it slightly late this time, we could do it slightly better, and honouring or giving them an opportunity to have 8 different categories of people let’s say medical profession, politics, business, or even in social work, academics, science and technology, each of these disciplines we pick up few persons. From each of these groups have one speaker and they talk about what they have done.