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Ever wondered why a bull is made outside every Shiv temple?

Only Shiv is the Swami (Lord) of Shakti. Everyone asks ...

By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram
  • Yogi Ashwini

Only Shiv is the Swami (Lord) of Shakti. Everyone asks for shakti to meet different ends—wealth, power, health, etc but hardly anyone seeks the darshan of shakti because they do not understand what shakti is. They reach the doorway of Shiv Dham to create disturbance there. Therefore, ganas are appointed at Shiv Dham—bhoot, pret, pisach…and Nandi.

The job of ganas is to prevent the entry of miscreants. Because if shakti comes in the hands of the unworthy, they will misuse it. So these ganas create obstacles to prevent an individual from walking the path to Shiv Dham. While bhoot, pret and pisach trouble and intimidate the sadhak, the biggest hindrance is created by Nandi, the bull. How?

Go to any gaushala and start taking care of a Nandi (bull). Nourish it and ensure no pain is meted out to it and daily take 7 parikramas (circumambulations) of it. Then whatever you are wanting, Nandi gives it to you. And then, you get stuck in it…

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