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Ever wondered why a bull is made outside every Shiv temple?

Only Shiv is the Swami (Lord) of Shakti. Everyone asks ...

By Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Ashram

Think about it, what is it that you would maximum ask for? A better job? More money? More power? Improved relationship? Better health? No one will ask for darshan of shakti or to reach Shiv Dham…This is darkness or avidya. Because all of these things pertain to improving the life which is short, the body will go, as will the relationship and job and status or wealth. You keep asking for the physical or temporary and get stuck in darkness…Engrossed in the physical pleasures, the thought of Shiv will not come to you, you will not walk the path of Shiv. 

So to stop the sadhak, who treads the path to Shiv with a physical desire, these energies guard the doors of Shiv Dham.

SevaofNandiearnsyou the greatest of punyas, but only a guru can give you thesadbuddhi(discernment)touse this punya to reach Shiv Dham, and not to tie yourself more in the physical, which will leave you anyway.

Article from AshwiniGuruji of Dhyan Ashram

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