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Deal Breaker: Tatas intensify Air India due diligence

Nearly 70 years ago after J.R.D. Tata, widely known ...

“They (Tatas) already have two airlines. They are trying to assess the cost structure of Air India in comparison to their other airlines,” another source told IANS in Mumbai. Other aspects such as type of software, rostering schedules and route dispersals are being studied. Additionally, customer complaints and files of old cases have also been sought, said one of the sources. “They seem to be assessing the operational capabilities and areas of synergies. It would be interesting to see how they take over a running airline with addition of some new staff,” sources said.

They added that as soon as the deal is announced Tatas want to be in a position to deploy more resources at several stations across the country. Earlier, few interested parties including the Tatas were selected for the bidding round. This is the second attempt of the current Central government to divest its stake in the airline.

—RohitVaid and Empire Bureau


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