November 2021 \ Business & Investment \ DOING BUSINESS IN CZECHIA
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Life Sciences

As the country that laid down the principal laws of heredity, introduced the contact lens to the world and successfully developed the compounds on which current anti-AIDS drugs are based, the Czech Republic is an attractive location for manufacturing and contract R&D operations.

Development of the sector is supported by effective patent protection, adoption of GMP, GLP and GCP standards, relatively non-restrictive genetic engineering and the government’s support for R&D and knowledge transfer between the science and business communities.



The Czech Republic has a long aviation tradition dating back to the early 20th century and has always had a strong presence in the sector. Over the years, the country has made a name for itself based on outstanding quality, reliability and innovation in the industry. From basic production to final aircraft assembly and cutting-edge R&D programs, the local aerospace industry has progressed significantly and simply cannot be overlooked.

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