January 2022 \ Diaspora News \ NEIGHBORHOOD: OPINION

By Asad Mirza

Other political parties in the Maldives too have opposed the anti-India campaign, saying the former president is irresponsibly inciting hatred among the people towards India. The PPM brushing aside the charges against it, in its defence says that the current Ibrahim Solih government has opted at times to keep the relationship, particularly that under the defence sector, under wraps from where the criticism basically stems from.

The Adhaalath Party, a coalition partner of President Solih, in a statement condemned efforts to “incite hatred in the people’s hearts towards neighboring and global partners”, and expressed concern at the “reckless acts led by former president Yameen to incite hatred towards neighboring India amongst the civilians”.

The Jumhooree Party, another coalition partner of the Solih government, also said in a statement that it doesn’t support any activities, which compromise the independence and sovereignty of the Maldives, and the Jumhooree Party does not believe that there is any legal ground to decide the existence of any Indian military presence in the country.

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