January 2022 \ Business & Investment \ BUSINESS AND GOVERNANCE
Startup grand challenge for farm solutions

By Nivedita Khandekar

The first time this competition was held in 2019, it had received 157 applications, the least 13 in ‘Value Added Products’ category and the maximum 44 in the ‘E-commerce Solutions’ category of the total six. A three-stage evaluation process determined the results. Of these, 42 were shortlisted for final presentation in front of the experts (held virtually) in 2020. “We found many startups doing good work among the farmers and we wanted to take their work to a larger audience. Also, there are some specific problems for which we have been looking for home-grown solutions,” Additional Secretary, Cattle and Dairy Division, Varsha Joshi said.

‘Home-grown solutions’ are important as there is a lot of costly solution technology available in the market for those who can afford.