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G100 launches 100 commitments at House of Lords

Krishna introduced the book of Late Harbans Kaur – informed everyone that she was very proud and emotional to talk about the life and work of the late, great Harbans Kaur, mother of Lord Ranger. She said that the legendary woman had made a lot of difference to so many lives and would like to recognise her efforts during very difficult times to survive. She requested everyone to read the book which would be given to everyone in a goody bag. Krishna requested Dr Harbeen to present the Award of Legendary Women of the Decade in Service to Society to Lady Renu Ranger, wife of Lord Ranger.

Lady Ranger was immensely grateful to Enfield Saheli and G100 for celebrating the life of her mother-in-law. Lady Ranger spoke of the most difficult journey endured by her mother-in -law, who lost her husband Shahed Nanak Singh at the time of the partition. A renowned community leader who was opposed to the break-up of India, he had gone to save the lives of school children who got caught up in communal riots, he managed to save the children but lost his life in the process. Speaking of how her mother-in-law and her children had to flee their homeland because of the partition, arriving as refugees in Patiala.

Lady Ranger said it was the vision, common sense and tenacity which helped save her mother-in-law and family from future perils. Lady Ranger spoke of how her mother-in-law before fleeing made it a point to take details of the work of her husband and her certificates of education, all of which helped to obtain work as a teacher. She instilled in her children that the most important thing was education, even if that meant going hungry. This helped her children excel in their lives as commissioned officers in the Army, education, business and philanthropy. She said her mother-in-law always said “no matter what fate throws at you, you must never give up or give in.” The special guest, the former High Commissioner of India to London, Ambassador Ruchi Ghanshyam said how delighted she was to attend this special event to celebrate the great work of Enfield Saheli and G100.

Ambassador Ruchi said the work and commitment of Krishna Pujara was to be lauded and was a role model to others. The event closed after the special awards were given for outstanding contribution by Enfield Saheli and G100.

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