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Couple’s million-dollar gift to Kennedy Centre

An Indian-American couple has gifted USD 1 million to the Kennedy...

  • (From left) Ranvir Trehan, Member of Kennedy Center’s Board of Trustees, his wife Adarsh Trehan, Deborah F Rutter, President, Kennedy Center and Indian Ambassador to the USA Navtej Sarna. The Trehan couple have donated USD 1 million seed money to the Center in November to start an India Fund

An Indian-American couple has gifted USD 1 million to the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts to create an India Fund for producing and presenting Indian programming through 2025. The gift from entrepreneur Ranvir Trehan, a leading Indian-American patron of the arts, his wife Adarsh, and their Trehan Foundation would provide seed money for the fund.

“Our idea,” said Trehan, a member of the Kennedy Centre’s Board of Trustees, “is that there is reinforced programming—that there is more of it, both well-known artists as well as experimental forms, fusion forms. Now I see in India, there is also comedy in the English language that is coming up and so, maybe there is something to tap up.” The seed money, he hoped, would inspire others’ gifts, particularly from his Indian-American colleagues on the board.