Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), speaks to Yogesh Sood, Business and Diplomatic Editor, on a range of issues.

You are actively involved in research as well as policy developments at the national and international levels in the energy, environment, climate change, and sustainability space. As the Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) today, what is your long-term vision for a sustainable future for the world?

TERI is dedicated to advancing the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future by championing the conservation and effective utilization of energy and other valuable resources. We employ innovative methods to minimize waste generation and promote its reuse. Our commitment to fostering international collaboration on sustainability initiatives has led to the establishment of numerous platforms and forums. We achieve this by translating our cutting-edge research into tangible technology products, offering technical services, and engaging in policy advocacy and outreach. Our overarching vision for the world revolves around a series of core commitments that guide our work on enhancing sustainable inputs, promoting resource use efficiency, mitigating environmental and climate impacts, improving access to basic services, upscaling and advancing resource-efficient and waste management solutions. By steadfastly pursuing these commitments in our work, we aspire to play a pivotal role in building a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Could you please throw some light on the kind of activities TERI does?

TERI is dedicated to multidisciplinary research, advocacy, and the development of policies and technologies in several critical areas, including energy, energy efficiency transitions, sustainable agriculture, eco-friendly transportation, sustainable development, efficient building practices, and climate action.

Our work involves conducting extensive research and in-depth analysis across a spectrum of sustainable development domains, such as energy, climate change (both mitigation and adaptation), agriculture, sustainable habitats (including buildings and transportation), biodiversity conservation, and carbon credit mechanisms.

These multifaceted activities exemplify TERI’s commitment to promoting sustainable development, addressing energy-related challenges, and advancing environmental conservation. We achieve this mission through rigorous research, active engagement in policy formulation, capacity building, the development of innovative technologies, and the implementation of on-the-ground projects aimed at making a tangible difference in the world.

The institute has a team of inter-disciplinary researchers who are working on issues related to strategies for policy advisory, technology products, and technical services. We work with diverse stakeholders and see it translate in the form of regular interactions and activities with governments, media, youth, and civil society.

For over four decades, we have pioneered conversations with various world leaders and dignitaries in the areas of energy, environment, climate change and sustainability space.

At TERI we believe in the power of youth. Since 1999, TERI has been organizing GREEN Olympiad, a premier environment quiz for school students, besides developing  books, newsletters, workbooks, worksheets on audits, manuals, films and other IEC materials periodically in simple terms, so that youth can internalize the same.

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