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Celebrating 202 Years of Independence and 53 Years of Diplomatic Relations


As Costa Rica marks its 202nd year of independence and celebrates 53rd year of diplomatic relations with India, it is evident that the journey of friendship and cooperation between these two nations remains robust and promising. These milestones are a testament to the enduring bond that exists between both nations, and highlight the potential for even deeper collaboration in the years ahead. In light of this strong relationship, it is worth recommending the exploration of multilateral economic cooperation through organizations like the Central American Integration System (SICA). By engaging in regional economic initiatives, India and Costa Rica can expand their collaborative efforts and leverage the benefits of a larger economic ecosystem.

San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica

Furthermore, considering the growing significance of the bilateral relationship, the establishment of an Indian embassy in Costa Rica would be a meaningful step forward. Such an embassy would serve as a focal point for strengthening diplomatic ties, facilitating trade and investment, and promoting cultural exchanges between the two nations. It would signify a deeper commitment to the partnership and enhance the effectiveness of bilateral cooperation.

Amb Dr Claudio Ansorena Montero giving a presentation at the BRICS CCI (June 2023)

As India and Costa Rica look towards a brighter future together, the recommendable way forward can help solidify their partnership, bringing about increased prosperity and cooperation in the coming years.

Courtesy: Embassy of Costa Rica, New Delhi


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