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By D.C. Pathak

India left its imprint at the G20 summit with Prime Minister Modi advancing the concept of Mission LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment) as a part of the larger vision of ‘One earth, one family, one future’.

By calling upon every individual - not just countries and institutions - to become a beacon of hope for humanity by consciously adopting a helpful approach to the environment, supporting a switch over to renewable energy and generally upholding the idea of a lifestyle that was in sync with inclusivity and equality, the Delhi Declaration was breaking new grounds.

Another feature of this G20 summit was the consensus it reached on the need to create a Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), define its principles and framework and make it an instrument of the new vision for global prosperity. Prime Minister Modi with his impassioned devotion to the cause of Digital India, drove this initiative and secured the total backing of the participants.

A related idea of encouraging ‘start-ups’ was brought to the high table and India’s example as a lead player was successfully put forth, to demonstrate India’s front-line role in advancing the cause of the global economy.

India was projected as the fastest-growing economy with the potential to become one of the three largest economies of the world and the ‘ease of doing business’ was convincingly explained to lay the ground for further foreign investments in India. India’s potential across the spectrum - from Space to Sports - was well demonstrated.

Prime Minister Modi has to be given credit for pushing India as an equal partner and as a responsible stakeholder in the G20 group. Reaffirmation of expeditious implementation of the 2023 Agenda on SDGs Goals in a way that ‘no one is left behind’, the call for women-led development and emphasis on the conceptual shift from a GDP-centric approach to human-centric development, must be regarded as transformational ideas voiced at Delhi Summit.

It is remarkable how the G20 Presidency has put India on the global map in a manner that its voice of wisdom has been acknowledged across the world. India’s security and economic interests have been well served at the Delhi Summit.

The political will of the Modi regime has put the stamp of consistency and strategic soundness on India’s foreign policy that basically favoured bilateral and multilateral friendships which were mutually beneficial and were not in conflict with the cause of global peace and advancement of the world economy.

In the context of the Ukraine-Russia military confrontation, India held its ground while calling for a peaceful resolution through talks without naming either side in that combat and highlighting in the Delhi Declaration the pronouncement of Prime Minister Modi that ‘this is not an era of war’.

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