June 2014 \ Business & Investment \ Airports Authority of India
Tapping Solar Energy At AAI Airports

AAI has taken up many initiatives towards sustainable development. Some are:

* Use of all electrical appliances conforming to Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) with rating 4 star and above.

* Occupancy sensors, timers to shut off lights automatically.

* Building Management System (BMS) being implemented in new projects where in new terminals have been constructed / are under progress.

* Energy Efficient Chillers and Variable Speed Drives are being used to improve mechanical efficiency of air-conditioning plants, air-handling units, pumps.

* Energy efficient fluorescent lamps (T5) are being used. For indoor lighting use of LED lamps, which is more energy efficient and has longer life, is proposed for new projects.

* Automatic sliding doors and air curtains are being used to reduce air-conditioning loss.

* Machine Room less elevators are used at airports which conserve approximately 40 per cent energy as compared to conventional elevators.

* Escalators are provided at Airports with sensors to save energy.

* Replacement of taxi way and apron edge lights with LED lights at Indore, Guwahati and Jaipur Airports.

* Baggage Conveyor System with sensor for Baggage location and occupancy provided for automatic stopping of baggage system.

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