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New USIBC Board

  • Mr Ajay Banga, Chairman, USIBC

The US-India Business Council (USIBC) comprising more than 300 top-tier US and Indian companies advancing US-India commercial ties has inducted six global business leaders to serve as members of the board. The new appointees are Anurag Bhargava, Chairman, IREO; Marc Allen, President of Boeing International; David M.Cordani, President and CEO, Cigna Corporation; Patrick Dewar, Chairman, Lockheed Martin Global; Kenneth C. Frazier, Chairman and CEO, Merck; and Edward Monser, President and COO, Emerson Electric.

USIBC and the board of directors remain committed to advancing the commercial relationship between the US and India, said Ajay Banga, USIBC Chairman and MasterCard President and CEO. “Our members are encouraged by Government of India’s commitment to economic growth, to attracting the investment needed to achieve that growth, and improving the ease of doing business in India,” he said.

They “look forward to contributing to India’s growth story through any number of Government of India initiatives, including Smart Cities and Make in India.” The new group of directors is “joining the Council at a time when India is poised for tremendous growth and will undoubtedly provide valuable leadership to USIBC and its members,” said Mukesh Aghi, President of USIBC.

Anurag Bhargava, Chairman of IREO, the largest FDI investor in the construction development sector in India said, “IREO is committed to delivering world-class homes and supporting efforts to build smart cities and urban infrastructure that enables India’s continued economic growth and middle class expansion.”

“Promoting an innovation-based economy supports not only the growth of the life sciences industry, but also helps to expand health care access for its people,” said Kenneth C. Frazier, Chairman and CEO, Merck.

“As Cigna works to improve both health and vitality in India, we look forward to increasing our presence in the dynamic Indian market,” said David M. Cordani, President and CEO of Cigna.

“India has a lot to offer to the world as a market and US companies have a lot to consider and gain from the opportunity,” said Edward Monser, President and COO of Emerson Electric.

“Boeing’s relationship with India dates back several decades, and we look forward to an enduring partnership for decades to come,” said Marc Allen, President of Boeing International.

“Lockheed Martin’s commitment to teaming with the Indian Government and enterprise aligns well with the spirit of the Council’s mission to advance the bilateral relations,” said Patrick Dewar, Chairman of Lockheed Martin.

As board members, this dynamic group of CEOs along with existing members will help promote the USIBC policy advocacy priorities across critical areas such as health, defence, designing liveable cities, technology, manufacturing and financial services, said the trade association.

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