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The Land of Heights and Extremes

Lesotho’s topography, high altitude and the status as one of the three remaining African Kingdoms are features that sets it apart from other destinations in the continent. Moreover it is the only country in Africa with the regular winter snowfall. The snow-capped Maloti and Drakensberg mountain ranges gives the country an outstanding scenic beauty during the winter season. As the visitors traverse the towering mountains they will be left with little doubt as to why the country is called the ‘Kingdom in the Sky” or the “Switzerland of Africa.”

The Lesotho adventure is a unique kaleidoscopic experience of engaging mountains, friendly people and a cultural heritage that bespeaks of courage and wisdom. Sparkling waters run deep in gorges bejeweled by vibrant waterfalls and soaring mountains are crowned with clear blue skies. Under thick snow or scorching sun, Lesotho is a beautiful and challenging environment. Whether it is Heights or depths, distances or temperatures - they are all in the extreme in Lesotho to challenge the free spirited adventurer with an urge to go where not many have ventured.

The rugged mountain terrain is criss-crossed by rivers and provides ample opportunities for canoeing; spectacular ski runs; horse riding; pony trekking; mountain climbing; fly fishing, hiking and; off-road racing. It is not surprising that this is the home of the annual world-famous Roof of Africa Rally; 4 x 4 enthusiasts traverse in their vehicles across the Maluti Mountains at an altitude of 3000 metres.

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