November 2015 \ Awards \ Science
Indians in Final

By Arun Kumar

When users get distracted, they will receive an alert reminding them to concentrate and get back to work. Amulya hopes that being distracted while doing homework or working will be a thing of the pas. Iris Gupta, 12, a sixth grader from North Potomac, Maryland, has invented a device to stop allergies at the source. She believes that by inhaling or injecting nanoparticles, allergens' ability to attach to antibodies present in one's body would be blocked as they entered one's systems. Her invention aims to give people suffering from allergies some much needed relief by testing to find the correct amount of nanoparticles optimal for blocking allergens.

Krishna Reddy, 13, Grade 7, from Wichita Falls, Texas, has invented a device that finds other substances that a breathalyzer for alcohol consumption cannot detect. Krishna created a pupillary reflex computer programme and apparatus that measures pupil dilation. Many drugs influence the uncontrollable movement of pupil dilation, and by detecting drugs through dilation, Krishna hopes many more preventable accidents can be stopped.

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