September 2014 \ Business & Investment \ PBD London
Investing in India

India beckons its diaspora for investments in energy, manufacturing and skills. From brain drain to brain bank, the new attitude to engage the diaspora is "Investments are safe: Look at India"

A closed door roundtable seeking participation in “Re-invest” a global investors’ Meet to be held in February 2015, to garner investment in India’s ambitious renewable energy plans was held on the sidelines of the OIFC Diaspora Engagement Meet. India is targeting to add 100,000 MW of renewable energy in the next five year entailing an investment of $100,000 billion. India, today accounts for world’s 5th largest renewable energy capacity.

The OIFC Meet was attended by more than 150 Overseas Indians and firms from the UK.

OIFC leads the effort to connect with global Indian community and positions India as a springboard to expand their business engagement with India more purposefully.

The OIFC Diaspora Engagement Meet in London and its predecessor in Bahrain, held in September this year, have clearly demonstrated the great outcome of OIFC’s extensive efforts over the past years to support Overseas Indians.


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