November 2018 \ Diaspora News \ DIASPORA IN BELGIUM
Vice President addresses Indian diaspora in Belgium

India’s Vice President Venkaiah Naidu visited the Jain ...

He referred to India’s inherent advantages, including its expanding workforce and consumer market, rapid urbanisation, growing education and skill capabilities, stronger technology adaptation, and potential for driving exports through greater local manufacturing, among others.

He spoke at length on India’s flagship programmes in the areas of manufacturing, digitisation, skills, financial inclusion, urbanisation, startups, infrastructure, clean energy and transportation, which have unleashed a new momentum that is driving organic growth in the country. Mr Naidu also mentioned about India’s fight against climate change, terrorism and efforts taken against economic offenders and to tackle corruption and black money. After the community event, the Vice President visited the Office of the Governor of Belgium to pay floral homage to the bust of Mahatma Gandhi.