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Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) is a specialized public sector financial institution dedicated for financing renewable energy (RE) projects in India and has been playing pivotal role in developing renewable energy. IREDA ...

IREDA’s role–Development of Indian RE Sector

Renewable energy is a key tool for providing sustainable Energy security and growth simultaneously, fostering the clean energy in the environment. Renewable Energy power is environmentally sustainable and contributes towards ‘Energy Access’ under decentralized mode. Setting up of projects in remote/ rural regions develops local infrastructure and creates employment opportunities, leading to holistic growth in an ethical manner.

IREDA has successfully been financing its core renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors for more than 31 years. Taking a cue from the successful business model created by IREDA, other financial institutions / banks have been increasingly coming forward to finance the RE sector. IREDA is amongst the largest ‘Green Energy Financier’ in India & this has greatly supported the shaping of renewable energy sector in India.