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Life of an Adventurer

Jaipur-born Arun Bhumitra lost his father when ...

All of a sudden, business which had been shaky, began to grow. Over the next decade or so Arun and his brothers were on a store-opening spree. They opened over 200 new cell phone stores in 18 states across the country, and in the process provided jobs to over 800 persons. Maxy has plans to open an another 150 new cell phone stores in the Los Angeles area to add to the 200 that already exist. In addition, the brothers own several successful businesses.

Things were going well, but Arun, ever the calculated risk-taker decided that the next big opportunity lay in real estate. Arjay Plaza in Torrance is named after his two daughters, Arielle and Jaya. It is a high profile address where some of California’s Who’s Who like Arnold Schwarzennegger, John McCain, Craig Huey, Betsy Butler and David Hadley have rented political campaign offices. At his office, he has pictures with Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, among others. About 150,000 cars go past this building every day, it is an impressive edifice that is hard to miss. Today, he has become one of the doyens of the Indian American community.

Arun Bhumitra could have continued making a living at Bombay Marine, but somewhere along the line it dawned on him that he was cut out for better things. By leaving for the USA, going through the hardship of sleeping in a park in cold weather for a week, Arun made it clear that he was going to do what it takes to pursue the life of his dreams. Oprah Winfrey will agree.

From the book Indian Americans in Greater Los Angeles Area by India Empire Publications