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Navigating his way to the top

Not all who wander, and wonder, are lost. On the wings ...

                                              Not all those who wander are lost.

                                 —J. R. R. Tolkien, English writer, poet, philologist

Not all who wander, and wonder, are lost. On the wings of a wandering and a wondering mind can a man hitch his wagon to the stars. Dr Anil K Aggarwal has certainly hitched his. His firm AMCOMP has launched itself to stratospheric levels—it provides crucial GPS navigation and communication backbone to the US Air Force. He also has several clients in Government and private sectors.

Dr Aggarwal launched AMCOMP in 1988 with focus on three support areas: broad range of systems engineering support for Global Positioning System (GPS), space systems acquisition support for satellite and launch vehicle systems, and enterprise wide computer network. Shortly after 2002, AMCOMP became part of British Aerospace.

In 2007, Dr Aggarwal became co-owner and member of the Board of Directors of TopVue Defense Inc. This Utah-based corporation supports Military Acquisition Program Managers and Prime Defense Contractors in Configuration and Data Management functions. Dr Aggarwal’s work ethics through the years has been based on excellence, integrity, service and responsibility, cornerstones of any successful venture.