March 2019 \ Diaspora News \ DIASPORA: AMARJIT SINGH MARWAH
Peerless Stalwart

Mark Spitz may have scorched the swimming pool at the Munich Olympics with seven gold medals, but he probably missed ...

Even as his year-long fellowship at the Guggenheim Foundation in New York was drawing to an end, he had secured an admission and another fellowship at the College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois, Chicago where he pursued an MS in Pathology. After two years of graduate study, he received another fellowship from the Howard University in Washington DC to pursue a two-year program in Doctor in Dental Surgery. This too was completed on time. In 1954 he became the very first Indian doctor in the USA to obtain a license to practice dentistry. The same year he returned to the University of Illinois in Chicago and became a full-time teaching faculty at the College of Dentistry.