April 2019 \

Boson Energy is a Luxembourg company with strong Swedish roots taking on the waste challenges of India and the world...

                                                       THE IMBY COMPANY

Boson Energy develops clean and small-scale ‘first mile’ waste-to energy solutions that extract a maximum of energy from municipal solid waste and other mixed wastes using the next generation of Advanced Thermal Treatment. ‘First mile’ because several smaller distributed plants treating 100-300 tons of waste per day can be close to the source of the waste. As a result, waste transportation and pollution can be reduced 70-90% compared to transporting waste far to one large central plant processing 500-2000 tons per day. This also does away with the long supply chains that leak waste into the environment and rivers like the Ganges.

In addition to affordable power, heat, or greenhouse-gas-free thermal cooling for direct local use; the only other output from Boson Energy’s Zero Waste process is the environmentally safe construction material IMBYROCK® – IMBY for In My Back Yard. This is a highly circular approach and a big difference compared to the large amounts of toxic ash that plagues the environmental footprint of large-scale waste incineration.

On emissions, Boson Energy’s technology also performs far below the latest EU BREF regulations, so it will effectively clean air in Indian cities. Game-changing performance aspects like these contributed to make Boson Energy a 2019 Red Herring 100 winner.