April 2019 \

Boson Energy is a Luxembourg company with strong Swedish roots taking on the waste challenges of India and the world...

CEO Jan Grimbrandt: “By being small and local we can be better, cleaner end cheaper than any other technology. Looking at the waste quality in India in terms of calorific value and moisture, our technology is ideally suited for the India market. We are already working with large global and local companies to prepare for a ‘Make in India’ rollout with domestic manufacturing and assembly”.

• Affordable, reliable, and clean waste solutions for urban, rural/agri, and island communities – treating waste to FULL STOP.

• A true first-mile solution for local thermal treatment of waste and biomass residue

• Reduces stress over full lifecycle 70-90% less traffic, pollution, land-use – with unique efficiency for growth and prosperity

Boson Energy was founded in 2008 based on the team’s long experience within thermochemical processes, energy, and waste. Founder and CEO Jan Grimbrandt has already built and sold two successful companies to SIEMENS and Nalco.

Boson Energy is also the only foreign company represented on the technical committee of CII’s National Task Force on Waste-to-Worth.