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Club Factory aims at 10,000 local sellers

Leading e-commerce platform Club Factory ...

According to the e-commerce platform, its sellers in all categories are thriving with some even recording over 10,000 orders in a single day with co-marketing. It aims to get at least 100 sellers to generate over 10,000 orders daily, with its scaled-up infrastructure and platform enabling sellers to sell online on it at a better rate then on their own.

Club Factory also intends to use its proprietary big data and AI technology to manage the supply chain effectively, recommend relevant products to users and compare prices of multiple manufacturers in real-time to present customers with the lowest price for a product.

With three warehouses to enable quick product delivery and partnerships with some local top-tier logistics players for faster delivery in India, Club Factory is also looking at ramping these facets in order to benefit both the sellers and the buyers.  Club Factory also plans to open offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai after its first office in Gurugram to meet the increased user demands and ensuring seamless