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Mata Parvati was the daughter of a great king ...

Only one who is able to overcome these disturbances is eligible to reach the final destination. These disturbances are meant to purify the sadhak and make him capable of accessing Shiv. Otherwise, if the progress is fast and unhindered and the sadhak hasn’t gone through this purification process, chances of failure are very high. That is why in Yog, disturbance is considered a good sign as it means that the sadhak is on the right path. But it is only the Guru who can help the sadhakovercome these disturbances and get purified. This means that it is impossible to access Shiv without the Guru, as it is he who knows the capacity of the shishya and exactly the nature and amount of purification needed by him.

Remember, only Shiv has Shakti. And to access Shakti of creation, one has to walk the path of Shiv or reality and permanency.

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