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On our cover we’ve an interview with ...

Going forward India and Slovakia seek to focus bilateral cooperation on renewable energy, environment, water management, automotive industry, agriculture, forestry and food industry sectors. They’d also like to encourage deeper cooperation in defence, machinery, science and research, high technology and eletro-technical sectors, where both Slovakia and India have considerable know-how and qualified resources. In addition to the interview, we also have an entire colorful section on Slovakia—as the country is popularly known as—and how it provides immense opportunities to investors and tourists. It is famous for the Tatra mountains, nine scenic national parks, 120 historical castles, 1,600 fresh water resources including several beautiful rivers, and over 7,000 caves.

We have an interview with Mr Tahir Qadiry, Chargé d'Affaires, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in India. He spoke on a range of issues—from international relations to education, trade to medical tourism, and more. The Embassy is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan’s Independence Day. This year also happens to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of diplomatic ties between India and Afghanistan.

The Indian-Afghanistan relationship has also traditionally been a cherished one. The Hindi movie industry has no doubt played a great role in bringing the two nations closer—an entire generation of Afghans have grown up crooning Bollywood songs. Besides, several Indian actors have over the years endeared themselves to the Afghan audience and have gently carved an enduring place in their hearts.

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