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“Moving towards less regressive tax system”

The Government was “steadily but clearly” moving ...

“So I think even within the first six months of the present tenure, we have, in one or two Acts, very clearly diluted the criminality angle and in some cases clearly removed them also.

“Even as we speak, there is work going on to look at the Companies Act to see what are the provisions in which criminalisation is coming up and we are trying to remove them. We are looking at every act to see where this has become so pronounced in terms of bringing the criminalisation. We will remove the criminal angle in every one of these Acts which are unwanted,” she said.

Sitharaman directed the top Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs officers in Assam to meet people including businesspersons and other tax holders between 4-6 p.m. on every working day till March 15 and clear their doubts on taxation issues.

“You send us a comprehensive report by March 20 in which you should mention the queries which you could not reply. The higher officials in Delhi will respond,” she said.

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