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Techstars invests $1.2 million in 10 startups

Mentorship-driven Techstars Bangalore Accelerator in April ...

“While our pivot to virtual programming in light of the Covid-19 pandemic was unforeseen, we were able to draw more broadly on the global Techstars network through virtual engagements, which exposed our founders to even more connections and expertise”, said Newal. Demo Day is the culmination of three months of rigorous focus on strategy development, customer insights, key metrics growth, and narrative creation, said the company. ChintaMoney is an intelligent spending solution that improves financial wellness by helping people make informed purchase decisions.

Fliqpay is a cross-border payment system which makes it seamless and affordable for Africans to digitally transact with the rest of the world while Game Theory is a fitness experience that makes casual sports convenient, addictive, and exciting. Lancify uses 60-day training modules to build a young workforce of experts on trending SAAS tools. “Lightwing is an intelligent control system that dynamically optimizes cloud resources to reduce cloud costs by up to 90 per cent,” said the company.

Odwen is India’s largest and fully integrated on-demand warehouse network while Picxy solves the relatability problem in Indian digital content through highly contextual stock photos. Q Blocks offers secure and affordable supercomputing applications on demand and Rose Bazaar aims to bring efficiency to the $1.2 billion unorganized traditional flower supply chain through innovations in packaging and distribution.

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