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“Stress levels, uncertainty, will increase post-pandemic”

Stress levels and uncertainty will increase for professionals ...

By Vishnu Makhijani

“Now once the lockdown lifts up, it is further going to get harder to get back to a healthy lifestyle since most of us are in our comfort zones (with gyms and parks shut),” added Singh, who has worked extensively in the clinical set-up with reputed hospitals such as Fortis Escorts and Dharamshila Hospital and currently heads the Department of Holistic Medicine at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram and is also the Founder Director of The Mind and Wellness Studio.

Post COVID-19, when the entire world experienced work from home conditions, “the boundaries between work life and home life further got blurred for most people. While most people tried their best to maintain a proper work schedule, unfortunately a large number could not owing to the unfavourable conditions at home for eg, lesser space, poor network, having children around, responsibility/ expectations to pitch in to the house work etc which further made work- life balance tougher for most people”. “While some people experienced lesser productivity at home, there still was lack of me-time, due to the jumbling of the time, making people more hassled and stressed,” Singh added. Added to this, tough bosses will stay irrespective of the pandemic or post-pandemic period “due to more squeezed deadlines”, she said.

And, with temper issues being quite common, “with the increase in stressors, anxieties and frustrations post the pandemic, a lot more people are tend to be irritable and angrier”. Also, office politics is something which most people have faced prior and will continue to face post pandemic as well - though the levels could well increase.

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