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“Stress levels, uncertainty, will increase post-pandemic”

Stress levels and uncertainty will increase for professionals ...

By Vishnu Makhijani

“Politics arises when one tries to outdo the others, in order to become more visible/gain recognition in front of superiors. Since post the pandemic the markets are very slow and people fear losing their jobs/appraisals, they may try harder to out -do their colleagues using different ways,” Singh pointed out.

What will also need to be addressed is something often spoken about in whispers or swept under the carpet. “A major reason why people fear their partners having an affair at workplace is because of the mere fact that they spend too much time at work, now due to the lockdown most couples have spent abundant of time with each other giving each other a lot of attention and time, once the lockdown opens partners will certainly not have as much time to devote to their homes and families- which could add up in increasing the insecurity,” Singh explained.

Does this not make for a revised edition of the book, in fact, even a totally new book based on the lessons learned from the pandemic? “Absolutely it is a great idea; we could surely talk about it and may be come up with a separate issue on handling stress post-pandemic,” Singh concluded.


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