July 2020 \ Diaspora News \ MAHATMA GANDHI STATUES IN UK
A campaign by some misguided elements

I am appalled by the campaign launched ...

His statues show that one’s objective can be achieved peacefully as long as there is merit in the cause. He once said, “strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will” This was the basis of his peaceful Quit India movement which brought India independence.

Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom and respect for his principles have spread the world over. Apart from the British monarchs, no other person in history has had stamps issued to honour him as many times as Mahatma Gandhi. Over 50 countries have issued postage stamps to honour Gandhi Ji. This must demonstrate his respect across the world.

History is full of leaders who fought for freedom with arms which resulted in the death and destruction of millions of innocent lives. Still, Gandhi Ji, on the other hand, advocated a peaceful and nonviolent freedom struggle based on Indian values. He knew that violence would generate more bloodshed and disorder, which would result in the loss of hundreds and thousands of innocent Indian and British lives to achieve the ultimate goal of freedom. The loss of even a single life was very precious to him, whether Indian or British. He knew that once people became violent, then their character would change forever and that they would remain violent even after their objective is achieved. We can see people in certain countries where leaders have encouraged to use violence to achieve their goals, and where violence has become ingrained in their culture and character and remains in their DNA long after their objectives have been fulfilled.

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