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A campaign by some misguided elements

I am appalled by the campaign launched ...

Bapuji was a visionary, where some leaders opted for a religious state, Bapuji chose a secular and democratic India where everyone would be equal regardless. He knew that no country could move forward by keeping a section of her population behind by systematically discriminating against people based on their religion, caste or gender. The result is in front of us, as we can see how India is surging ahead, whereas religious-based countries are in turmoil. Leaders in religious countries always keep their citizens down in the name of religion to cover their own failings. This is the reason Indians are shining across the globe because they are the product of a secular and democratic country and as a result, can easily integrate into any society easily and quickly.

Bapuji was unique in many ways. He had no desire to rule people. Instead, it was to serve them selflessly. We can see in some countries, leaders put their interests above that of their people and in the process bring sufferings to people and impede the progress of their countries.

Gandhi Ji’s message of love and non-violence has become even more critical than ever before in our fractured world. Peace can only come when world leaders start to follow Gandhi Ji’s ideals. His statues will remind us of his contribution to non-violence and a peaceful coexistence.

Those who attempt to denigrate the memory of Bapuji, are doing the same for humanity itself, and this cannot be allowed to happen.

—Lord Rami Ranger CBE

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