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Everything I do in life is framed through ...

  • Sayantan Chakravarty

Everything I do in life is framed through the view of a businessman

—Donald Trump

Lord Rami Ranger, CBE, Baron of Mayfair who is on our cover, exemplifies why the Indian diaspora in the U.K. is so highly regarded. It is his extraordinary business acumen, and sharp entrepreneurial skills that have catapulted Lord Ranger into the top echelons of the movers and shakers in British society. When he set out to do business with his first logistics firm—Sea, Air and Land Forwarding Ltd—in the late 1980s, he had just quit a secure job. At that time the astute immigrant from Punjab with a risk-taking appetite had a working capital of two pounds and a shed for an office! It didn’t take time for his business to blossom, though. Over time he started another firm, Sun Mark Ltd., a British business engaged in the marketing and distribution of FMC goods from the world’s leading multinationals in over 130 countries. He also built his own bouquet of brands that could compete in markets around the world.

When in June 2009 our magazine put him on the cover he’d already become a phenomenon in the world of British business. His business turnover then was around the 60 million pound mark—today it has crossed the 200 million pound mark. Starting in 2009 he won the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade a record five years in a row, something which any other Briton or British Indian is yet to achieve. In fact so formidable had become his reputation that the fifth Queens Award was delivered at his company’s Greenford headquarters in the London Borough of Ealing by the then British Prime Minister David Cameron. In 2009 when this journalist was attending a business exhibition in Macoya, Trinidad and Tobago, one of his Caribbean distributors saw India Empire magazine and proudly exclaimed, “It makes me so happy to see Dr Ranger on your cover, and I’m so glad that I work with his company.” Sun Mark had indeed spread its tentacles far and wide, and it was as though Rami Ranger was everyday living the words of President Trump—“everything I do in life is framed through the view of a businessman!”

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