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Everything I do in life is framed through ...

Elsewhere in the magazine we’ve an exhaustive interview with Mr Sundeep Kumar Nayak, Managing Director, National Cooperative Development Corporation, a public sector undertaking in India established in 1963. Set up to plan, promote and finance the production, processing, marketing, storage, export and import of agricultural produce, the corporation’s cumulative disbursement as on March 31, 2020 stood at a whopping Rs 1,52,590 crore (USD 20.3 billion).

World over learning from home is the New Normal. Bhubaneswar-based Nayan Chakravarty who has spent considerable time in Silicon Valley, California working with the planet’s technology giants writes on how online distance learning is revolutionizing the future of education in India, rendering physical classrooms into near redundancy.

There are several other stories of interest in the magazine. Hope you are able to navigate them thoroughly.



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