Wisdom has invariably walked tall in the mystical Himalayas ...

By Sayantan Chakravarty

Swami Rama himself gave a demonstration of returning to his human body, long after he’d gone into Maha Samadhi on November 13, 1996. In his book, Dr Mohan Swami describes how in the year 2011 his end was nearing because of prolonged ill-health. Treatment in hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore and London were not yielding results. He was rapidly losing weight, and his body was unable to accept any food. He barely slept two to three hours. Back in 1990 when Dr Mohan Swami had first met Swami Rama he had written the responses given by his Master in a book. One of the questions that Swami Rama had answered in 1990 was about when Dr Mohan Swami would leave his mortal body. The date and month was in 2011. While in extreme distress at the London hospital, one day Dr Mohan Swami had a communion with his Master and told him that he was ready to leave his body. He even mentioned that he’d lost the fear of death. Suddenly, he felt someone behind him. As Dr Mohan Swami slowly turned his head around, there stood his Master—Swami Rama—in his usual maroon robe. The Master gave the pupil a thump on the back (like many times in the past) and simply uttered, “uthth”. It meant getting up. Dr Mohan Swami soon went into deep sleep but had a silent conversation with his Master during this time. He woke up refreshed, full of pure joy and ecstasy. During the communion, Swami Rama gave Dr Mohan Swami an extension of his life, and new dates for his Samadhi as there was still much work to be done.

Literally, both Swami Rama and Dr Mohan Swami had witnessed their Masters return from the other realm, and manifest themselves in their previous physical bodies again. This kind of return to the previous body is also something that has been described in awe-inspiring detail in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda who was visited by his Master after he’d left his physical body.