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There is nothing stationary in Creation. One either moves ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji
  • Yogi Ashwini

There is nothing stationary in Creation. One either moves up or goes down, there is nothing like staying at one place. The baggage we carry along with us when we leave this earth and our bodies, decides which way we will go. If one thinks he/she is on the same plane, doing the same things, it is given that he/she is moving down. Let no one else judge you, just assess and evaluate your own actions through the day everyday and you will know whether you are moving up or sinking.

The physical creation comprising name, fame, money, sex and food has to be gone past to access the higher dimensions. Not left, but gone past. The difference in the two stems from attachment. Attachment ties one to physical creation and paves way for lower dimensions. Detachment liberates and helps one ascend to higher births in dimensions beyond.

When it comes to detaching oneself from the physical or mundane aspects of life, people often excuse themselves by saying they have certain responsibilities from which they cannot back out. This is a lack of understanding of the subject. Yoga does not ask for you to leave your family or shy away from responsibility. It simply asks you to slowly increase your family and responsibility to include in its ambit the entire Creation. There is nothing wrong with having a job, making money, having kids or supporting your family. What is wrong is attachment to these things, which leads one to hoard, adding to their baggage.

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