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Chandikapersad Santokhi’s meteoric rise to become ...

By Sayantan Chakravarty

We also have an interview with Suriname’s Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk. Like Mr Santokhi, he too was elected uncontested. Mr Brunswijk spent a large part of his life protecting the interests of the Maroon community of Suriname, descendants of slaves who’d escaped from the colonial plantations and into the dense Amazonian rainforests of the nation—considered widely as among the greenest in the world. We also have interviews with GOPIO’s Holland Country President Drs Rajindre Tewari who was born in Suriname and lives in the Netherlands and GOPIO’s Suriname Head Drs Sharmila Ramadhin. A large and vibrant Indo-Surinamese community settled in the Netherlands post Suriname’s independence from colonial rule in 1975—a community rooted in its Bhojpuri heritage, and Indic lineage, in spite of over 100 years of separation from India, a time in history when its ancestors left for the Latin American-Caribbean region under the indenture system practiced by European colonizers.

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