“Our countries and peoples share goals of advancing peace, security and stability”

H.E. Mr Chandrikapersad Santokhi, President of the Republic of Suriname ...

Mai Baap statue in Kolkata

You have a large Indo-Surinamese population in Holland, a result of migration from Suriname following independence. Like in the case of the Indian diaspora, how is the Indo-Surinamese diaspora, including organizations such as GOPIO-Holland helmed by Drs Rajindre Tewari, contributing to the development of Suriname?

Let me emphasize the importance of the Surinamese Diaspora globally. This is not limited to the Indian-Surinamese population. My policies are based on a broad coalition of persons from all ethnic and religious communities that compose the people of Suriname. The Indian community is traditionally highly active as we see with organisations such as GOPIO-Holland, under the leadership of persons like Mr. Rajindre Tewari. We are developing and putting in place a diaspora policy to engage with the Surinamese Diaspora with a wide-ranging agenda on collaboration and investments in the areas of finance, business, expertise, and cultural activities. We are creating a special Diaspora Institute at our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International to Business and International Cooperation to facilitate initiatives and investments from the Surinamese Diaspora. I am convinced we will be able to earn the trust because of our focused policy to stabilize our financial situation, which will allow us to attract investments and support from the Diaspora in The Netherlands, the USA and the Dutch Caribbean.