By Malay Mishra

I also read a long memorandum signed by an equal number of academics from all over the country seeking immediate corrective retribution, both in carrying out reforms within our Institutions of Higher Learning, the so called Institutes of Excellence, as well as the behavior of certain political and quasi nationalistic groups who mascarade in the guise of bringing about an egalitarian, just and humane society to attack those who are supposedly anti-national.

Admittedly a disturbing picture, and in the cacophony of voices crying hoarse to cheer up the crony capitalists, the new oligarchs of the system, such dichotomies simply tear asunder the simplest of truths, not to tamper with human life but to honour, respect and uphold human values.

Several Rohith Vemulas have occurred in the past, several will be hereafter, I have no illusion to bear. But hasn’t the time come to at least take the first step at cleansing our puerile mindset, instead of cleaning the superficials of our environment which though important do not cleanse us completely?

I can see a social revolution looming large on the horizon, a force of unimaginable consequences which will sweep the entrails of our social system. For too long, and too unbearably long, has this pernicious lopsided social system of ours flourished. When the colonial powers wedded this unequal social system and reinforced it to create permanent scars in the body politic of our nation, we fought against them, got them out of our country, feted our Constitution, our hard earned secular and egalitarian democracy and all the accompanying virtues. But what when we ourselves wed the system? Who’s going to kick our anachronistic mindsets out?