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What Made Pandavas win the War?

Look back at the warriors on the side ...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

It was not the capability of Pandavas that won them the battle of Mahabharat, they won because they were on the side of dharma and forwarded the Hari karya. The karya of Hari has to happen, and will happen, irrespective of the qualification of the one who executes it. Lord Krishna blessed the Pandavas with the opportunity to become instruments of Hari karya, their victory was certain. The Kaurava army despite their unparalleled military prowess and countless divine powers were unable to stop it from happening, because it was Hari karya.

Each one of us has the opportunity to join either side because there are only two sides to choose from. There is no third side and whichever side one chooses, decides future and fate. Joining the side of the devil initially looks attractive and is paying also, but in the long run you become the losers because the reward for joining the devil is lower dimensions. The opposite of this happens when you join Hari karya. It’s a hard decision but has to be taken in some lifetime, if not this then next, that is if you get the next life as a human being on earth.

—Article from Ashwini Guruji of Dhyan Ashram

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