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Capital City: Riga

Location: Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Estonia and Lithuania


Total: 64,589 sq km

Land: 62,249 sq km

Water: 2,340 sq km

Border Countries: Belarus 161 km, Estonia 333 km, Lithuania 544 km, Russia 332 km

Coastline:?498 km

Population: 1,881,232 (July 2020)

Languages: Latvian (official) 56.3%, Russian 33.8%, other 0.6% (includes Polish, Ukrainian, and Belarusian), unspecified 9.4% (2011)

GDP (official exchange rate): $34.084 billion (2019 estimate)

GDP - per capita (PPP): $16,778 (2019 estimate)

Flag Description

Three horizontal bands of maroon (top), white (half-width), and maroon; the flag is one of the older banners in the world; a medieval chronicle mentions a red standard with a white stripe being used by Latvian tribes in about 1280.

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