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Indians in France

Ved-Prakash Goojha – President of GOPIO Francophone France

After a career in International trade, Prakash Goojha shifted to what mattered the most for him: humanitarian and social development. President of GOPIO Francophone France since 2007, he is committed to assist the PIOs to become part of the French society without losing all their traditions, and to contribute to the development of India as per the GOPIO International objectives.

His wife Nalinee, who works at the Indian Embassy, also acts during her free time as a support for women who are in distress and helps as a Hindi interpreter. Descendant of a teacher from Calcutta, Mr. Goojha was encouraged to study by his family and now he is, in his turn, supporting NGOs in Delhi in charge of street and tribal children to give them a proper education.

GOPIO Francophone France regularly organises events in Paris to create awareness about history and the last one dedicated to the Gadars was a huge success for which they received encouraging messages from the French Government.

Thanks to Gopio Francophone France, there will be a session in French during the next PBD in Gujarat, allowing all the French-speaking delegates to express their views and ideas.