August 2017 \ Diaspora News \ Dr AMARJIT SINGH MARWAH
Peerless Stalwart


Young Amarjit Singh Marwah was born in the village of Bhera in Shahpur district now in Pakistan. His grandfather Dr Sucha Singh was the Chief of Medical Services in the princely Faridkot State in 1880. In 1910, his father, Dr Chanda Singh, held the same position. He grew up being pampered, and somewhat spoilt by his doting grandmother. Even his mother was always effusive in her affection for Amarjit. His father, though, had the tough job of disciplining the bright young man. He completed high school at Kothkapura and in 1941 was sent to Lahore to attend the Sikh National College. His classmates included Prakash Singh Badal, the current Punjab Chief Minister, among others. Despite the pulls of the nationalist movement, Amarjit completed his college and following family tradition decided to study medicine. He chose the four-year dentistry course at King Edward Medical College, the only one offering dental studies.

He was in Lahore when the violence in the aftermath of India’s partition in 1947 broke out in all its fury and ugly frenzy. He was only 21, and some of the carnage and pillage that he witnessed are forever emblazoned in his psyche.

In spite of the traumatic experience, he was able to collect himself, and ride into the future with a song in his heart, and confidence in his steps. The wise dentist is a peerless stalwart that has added teeth to the reputation of the Indian community in more ways than one.

From the book Indian Americans in Greater Los Angeles Area by India Empire Publications