September 2021 \ Diaspora News \ COVER STORY—DIPLOMATIC INTERVIEW
“India attaches considerable importance to relations with the Caribbean”

India continues to attach considerable importance ...

Grenada, Dominica and several other Islands in the Caribbean, some of which I was concurrently accredited to, are small countries with whom India enjoys cordial relationships. Grenada is one of the larger islands, with a population of approx. one hundred thousand, known particularly for its extensive nutmeg plantations. It also hosts St George’s medical university where a number of PIO students were enrolled and it was always a pleasure to connect with the faculty and students of that well reputed institution. There are five hundred people of Indian origin in Grenada, about whom I was interestingly informed by the Prime Minister of Grenada, but they have been fully assimilated with the local population and do not have any discernible Indian cultural identity. The Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the most beautiful Caribbean Islands with lush green vegetation and I always enjoyed our periodic visits to that country.