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ITC Master Chef partners Havmor Ice Cream

The Frozen retail market has been growing at 15 per cent CAGR as consumers seek variety in food that is tasty, convenient to cook and safe and hygienic. Aiding this growth, is the improvements in frozen supply chain and last mile delivery. The availability of Frozen Foods in e-commerce channels and the growth of Modern Trade outlets has also helped expand availability and category discoverability, adding many first time users to the category and increasing household penetration.

The frozen snacks repertoire by ITC is a complete food solution for both professional chefs and homemakers and has been carefully developed in a variety of nutritious and tasty choices. One can enjoy them either as they are or be used to create endless possibilities in the comfort of one’s kitchen. The range presents a number of healthier, preservative-free options at attractive price points. This makes them ideal preferences for the foodservice industry as well as for retail purchases where costs and quality concerns are paramount. Recipes have been crafted to suit a variety of cooking methods beyond deep frying that reduce one’s calorie intake by a significant amount. It is feasible to bake, air fry, shallow fry, or simply Tawa cook these delectable snacks.


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