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Former US President Donald Trump and the Republican committees seem engaged in a battle of wits with the Republican National Committee (RNC) saying it will cease funding his legal bills if he chose to announce his candidacy for 2024 too early. That’s before the mid-terms on November 8 this year

By Ashe Oneil

The RNC has been helping Trump pay his legal bills but will pull the plug once he kicks off his 2024 campaign. In 2021, the RNC committed to paying nearly $2 million in Trump’s legal bills. Some Republicans worry Trump announcing his 2024 bid may torpedo the GOP’s midterm chances.

Former GOP official Kurt Bardella dubbed Trump as being impulsive and lacking control thereby speculating that he could announce his run early given the mounting criticism he’s facing. A Trump announcement could also be a means for the former president to rescue himself from the damning testimonies from witnesses during the January 6 committee’s public hearings.

Trump has teased a presidential run numerous times. In January, a video run showed Trump calling himself the “45th and 47th president”. Trump however dismissed them as fake news. As Trump lives in the self-belief that he has successfully ‘trumpified’ the Republican party getting all but most of his candidates nominated to the November 8 mid-terms this year despite the Capitol riot hearings. In 2021, Trump had gone on the offensive when he issued letters to three republican committees to cease and desist from using his name for fund raising. he believes no mudslinging on his larger than life image can stick, and that he is the only viable alternative to beat Biden at his game, the examiner said.

Reports of media coverage on Trump soon after his defeat in the 2020 polls showed that Trump had been angry that some groups in the Republican party could use his name to support Republicans who voted to impeach him a second time. Ten Republican members of Congress voted to impeach Trump in the House, and seven Republican senators voted with Democrats to find the former president guilty of inciting a riot.

Despite dissent within the Republican Party, Trump continues to assert himself as its leader. To recall, Trump had said his “America First” movement was just getting started, and speaker after speaker affirmed him as the future of the party. A demand that the GOP’s largest fundraising groups not raise money off Trump’s name could complicate Republicans’ efforts to take back the White House, Senate and House, as Trump has promised they will.

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