“Our growth rate has been almost double the EU average”

Are there Bulgarian companies, currently operating in India? In which sectors? Are there new projects in the pipeline?

There are new projects for both sides, i.e. Indian firms in Bulgaria and vice versa. I cannot disclose more because companies are very sensitive about investment and publicity. We have Bulgarian firms in India in IT, pharmaceuticals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, energy. One of the most successful companies is in IT. They are the fastest growing internet provider in Delhi with more than 800 employees. Another company called Green Zone has a very good project near Patna, Bihar, where they are installing a 500 mw solar energy plant. We also have a few partnerships and JVs going. One Bulgarian company has invested in a factory for packaging bitumen, and has become the largest of its kind in Asia. The firm is based out of Mumbai. Another company has a JV with a Pune-based industry in veterinary pharmaceuticals and is one of the biggest of its kind. Another company has a very interesting project that helps various police departments to receive signals when a crime takes place. This application sends signals with face recognitions and enables police to quickly start investigating the actual crime. They have signed contracts with several police departments.

Bulgaria took the EU Presidency on the 1st of January 2018. What are the priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency?

The first priority is a financial framework after 2020, this is decision of EU. The second is really to provide a tangible European perspective for the Western Balkans. The third is security of EU citizens. The fourth is competitiveness, a digital single market, promotion of entrepreneurship and social innovation. To sum up, better cohesion, Western Balkans’ security, and competitiveness are the key areas.