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The Vedic sciences are a perfect science because they deal...

By Yogi Ashwini Ji

Let us pick up a basic aspect of the Vedic sciences, which is, healing and health of the human body. Diets which pertain to red meat, especially of cows which eat plastic wastes, garbage and hospital waste and also the milk from such cows are highly toxic and acidic in content. They say that you become what you eat, by eating these foods your body tends to get a highly acidic form. In 1912, a Frenchman Alexis Carell conducted an experiment where he kept chicken cells, which normally live for 6-7 years, alive for nearly 20 years in an alkaline solution. The cells died only when one day his assistant forgot to change the water and the content became acidic. It was concluded that human cells, just like chicken cells, can also go on forever provided the environment they are living in is non-toxic.

Toxicity is not just in the food we eat; it is also a function of negative emotions and wrong lifestyle, or, in other words, an anti-yogic lifestyle. These factors contribute to acidic nature and ultimate destruction of the physical body through pain and disease. Disease happens because of the environment, not because of the nature of cell, which is balance. The solution lies in consuming alkaline diets and gradually converting your body from acidic to alkaline. Then the lifespan of cell would increase and the diseases, which body is going through, will be reversed.

Another tool given by the vedic seers is that of yagyas. In a yagya it is important to ensure that the samidha (wood) and samagri is pure and ghrit or cow’s ghee is procured from cows whose calf is not weaned, else they will have toxicity and the gods will not accept it. Mantra which the Guru gives you, depending on the kind of yagya you want to perform and the siddhis that you are looking for, has to be siddha by the guru otherwise the mantra becomes fruitless and the manifestation of thought will not happen.

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